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Empowerment can only be achieved through relentless efforts. Efforts need to be continued at all levels with effective projects, programmes with action and strategies which will be able to give some direction to the women’s movement in the rural India. Women are fall prey of male dominating society. This situation needs to be improved by informing women aware of their rights and what wrong is being done with them at all level whether it is mild at domestic level or being harassed by community at large but woman is always subjected to cruelty by male members of the society. Mewat is a male dominating region, consequently women has very low status in the society – low status of health, education, economically dependent on male partners, less authority in decision making about herself or family. There is need to generate awareness through awareness generation programme against atrocities committing on women in this region, with the aim of creating power among women to fight on issues relating to the status, rights and problems of women, and to provoke them to strive hard to get their real status in the society.

Information rich and Information Poor

The expression “information rich” and “Information poor” describe the existence of serious imbalance among various countries and within a given country.` The same situation is very clearly visible in the above mentioned region. There is a glaring disparity in the way information is distributed. The information poor have less access to various forms of media, they are also economically poor and dearth of proper access to any source of any information related to any socio-economic, cultural, development issues of life. AGS is striving in this direction to make them Information Rich.

AGS is spreading awareness on several issues related to Reproductive and Child health, family planning, Adolescents issues, Childhood Diseases, Birth/Death Registration, sanitation and Personal Health and Hygiene in Mewat and Alwar districts in the state of Haryana and Rajasthan.

These are few factors responsible for low living standard and poor status of health of women in these states.

  • High illiteracy especially among females
  • Gender inequality
  • Poor living standard
  • Ill-health
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment

The major target beneficiaries of these projects are girls/women belonging to the poorer section of the society. Girls have been described as the neglected and deprived section of the society living in ignorance and poverty.

Women account for 90% of the health problems. Among infants and children 12-23 months only 20% are immunized. Diarrhea, Malaria, Anemia, acute respiratory illness, morbidity and mortality are most prevalent in children. Poor reproductive health among girls is due to unhygienic menstrual care, chronic reproductive tract infections, irregular menstrual period, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), teenage pregnancies, unsafe deliveries and incompetent pre and post natal care are indicators of the poor status of women and girls.

AGS Health Awareness Programmes

  • Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) programmes
  • Adolescent issues and Reproductive Health awareness programmes
  • HIV/AIDS and STD awareness programmes
  • Family Planning
  • Awareness programmes on Pulse Polio, Anemia and Diarrhea
  • Capacity building of Panchayti Raj Institutions, Anganwari workers, ANM/ASHA, Self-help groups.
  • Awareness Campaign on other Diseases

Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) programmes

  • Pre natal & post natal check ups
  • Early registration of pregnant women
  • Importance of three compulsory visits
  • Immunization against tetanus
  • Prevention of Anemia with iron tablets and nutritious food
  • Promotion of institutional deliveries

Awareness Campaign on other Diseases

  • Prevention against Anemia in pregnant women
  • Vaccination awareness programmes
  • Prevention against Polio in children
  • Prevention of Pneumonia in children ( 0-5 yrs)
  • Prevention of Diarrhea in children ( 0-5 yrs)
  • Promote the intake of ORS to all children
  • HIV/AIDS awareness programmes

Give to Gain by Sponsoring a Child

Donate only INR 25/- per day at least for a year


  • Sponsor a child for from one year to twelve years
  • Seek help from our Donor Relations Executive, call Tel. +91-11-26133994, 9811171752, 9999612265
  • Cheque/Demand Draft: Cheque/Demand Draft to be drawn in favour of: "ADI GRAM SAMITI (AGS)" and Mail to ADI GRAM SAMITI (AGS), 1106A, Sector-B, Pocket -1, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070. India.
  • Sponsoring a child would make his/her life qualitatively better
  • Your sponsorship will provide a needy child, life's essentials like education, safe drinking water, basic healthcare, food and immunization against killer diseases.
  • Your contribution will take care of child’s education, nutrition and health
  • You will be satisfied after seeing the continuous and consistent progress of the child